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Hello... I live in Washington state, currently in Lynnwood just north of Seattle,
but for seventeen years I lived on beautiful Whidbey Island.
Portrait of Norm by Connie - 6/9/05.
CLICK for more photos.
( Connie took this 6/9/05 digital portrait
photo of me for her photography class. )

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Click here for my 2018 Christmas Card...

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Does Earth rotate or revolve?
I say "No".
Click here for my view that "Earth Is Stationary":
Link to "Earth Is Stationary" presentation pages

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Click here for Links to Newtown Comments added 12/18/12
and updated with Superbowl news on 1/31/13

Click here for more photos of my Whidbey house, area, etc...
(New photos added 1/7/10.)

Click here for my favorite YouTube videos collection...
(New YouTube videos added 1/13/13.)

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(New album added 2/11/13: "Toby's Third Birthday - 2/2/13".)
Link to my Facebook photo albums including "Frosty Morning - 1/12/13 Cellphone Photos"


Norm portrayed Santa
in "Dear Santa" at
Oak Harbor's

Whidbey Playhouse
December 11 to 28, 2008.

Link to "Dear Santa"  - 12/11/08 - 12/28/08

Link to "Dear Santa"

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I am a Software Engineer or Software Developer.
That means I like to write computer programs to be sold as products.
Click here to see the former PhotoWorks headquarters where I worked.
Click the following images to see screen snapshots
from some of the products I developed at that company :

DeskNet and


FLUKE Product Screens

DataEase :

DataEase Screens


DataSpace Screens

Click this image to see my Java Applet

showing an animated waterfall:

Link to Sol Duc Falls

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3D Email Spelling Click this address to send email to me: SEND EMAIL

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To visit Whidbey Island, follow this link... Island County

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Link to Norm Boynton Photo Collages - Information on ordering prints

Digital Photograph by
Constanze Joan, Copyright 2009, all rights reserved.