Independence Day, 2000

I took these digital camera photos on Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Independence Day Party - 7/4/00

Above -

Phil prepared a bigger-than-ever version of his annual Fourth Fireworks show.
His party began at our house with lots of food and friends from his schools,
our church and the neighborhood: Dan and Mike; John, Alyce and Cameron;
Bret, Connie, Chris and Alex; Al, Shirley, Dave, Maureen and Shawna;
Steve and Debie; Anthony and Linda;
Jan, John, Connie, Gio and Norm helped Phil host the party.

Below -

At 9:00 we gathered the fireworks and moved down to the Bush Point beach home
of Dave's folks, Warren and Darla, who divided their farm into our neighborhood lots,
to join Robert, Dave, Devee, Denita, Chase, Paige and their relatives.
We could see the Seattle and Port Townsend fireworks shows in the distance.
My photos show Phil's and Dave's fireworks exploding over the water.

Independence Day Fireworks - 7/4/00

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Digital Photos Copyright 2000, Norm Boynton, all rights reserved.