Connie's Songwriting Workshop Concert
August 13, 1999

Connie's Songwriting Workshop Concert

  • Above: Concert hall at Clinton's Chinook Center;
    Workshop teachers Courtney Campbell and Tina Lear sing;
    Tina and Connie sing the song they wrote about Connie's rat, Boo.
    (The three audiences who have heard their song have loved it.)
    Click here to see a brief excerpt of their singing

  • Music: Click each photo of Boo to hear his song:

Connie and Boo.  Click to hear first verse. Connie and Boo.  Click to hear second verse. Connie and Boo.  Click to hear final chorus
First Verse Second Verse Final Chorus
  • Below: Rest of Concert:
    Duet Connie helped write, group song, other duet;
    Courtney tells stories and sings, Tina sings;
    Final bows and audience.

Connie's Songwriting Workshop Concert

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Digital Photographs Copyright 1999, Norm Boynton, all rights reserved.