South Whidbey State Park Camping
May 25 and 26, 2001

South Whidbey State Park Camping - 5/25/01 and 5/26/01

Above -

Gathered at our campsite for supper: Norm, John, Gio, Connie Phil's friend Dan,
Jan, Phil and dogs Beau and Dawg/LARP/Caleb.
Saturday Jan led a hike down the trail to the beach.

Below -

The Park Beach had many visitors walking around the driftwood.
Two waterfalls and a clay cliff are found along the Beach.
Looking south from the Park toward our house (above the big rock) and Bush Point.

South Whidbey State Park Beach - 5/26/01

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Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2001, all rights reserved.