"Christmas Carol" Backstage Photos
December 6-14, 2003

Norm and Connie backstage in "A Christmas Carol" - 12/6-14/03

Above: Norm played both Thomas Shelley, poor tenant of Scrooge, and Man #2,
who would not attend Scrooge's funeral unless "lunch is provided".

Connie played both a Soliciter, trying to get Scrooge to give to the poor,
and Belle, young Scrooge's fiance, at the party where they met and at her
father's burial where she broke off her engagement to him.
Below: Peter Lawlor and Dwight Zehm were Undertaker and Marley's Ghost,
Terry Rose was Scrooge, Kieth Mack was Bob Cratchet,
Damien Cortez was Topper, Dwight Zehm was Ghost of Christmas Future,
Don Copeland was Man #1, Peter Lawlor and Ryan Desrosiers were
Undertaker and Apprentice, Larry Bossert was Joe, and Ryan Karamanyan
was Man #3.

Some actors backstage in "A Christmas Carol" - 12/6-14/03

Below: Bristol Bransen was Ghost of Christmas Past, Kathy Stanley was
Ghost of Christmas Present who grows old during her scenes,
Rachel Gora was Sally, Trina DiNicola was Mrs. Fezziweg,
Marie Vanderbilt was the Toy Lady, Ahna Dunn-Wilder was Dancer,
Terri Piatauesi was Elizabeth Shelley, Peter Lawlor was Poulterer,
Eric Mulholland was Fred, Jan was in the crew helping the child
actors (visible faces are Preston Ossman as Peter Cratchit,
Nicholas Schneider as Tiny Tim, Ryan Desrosiers as Undertaker's
Apprentice, Jan, Dina Hassrick as Chimney Sweep and Zachary
Schneider as Oliver Shelley) and Manette Merrill was Stage Manager.

Some more actors backstage in "A Christmas Carol" - 12/6-14/03

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Digital photos taken 12/6-14/03 by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2004, all rights reserved.