Connie's "Enchanted Evening" Show
November 16, 2001

Connie's Glad Tidings puppet and drama team presented this show
and served deserts as a fundraiser.

Connie's "Enchanted Evening" Show - Deserts - 11/16/01
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Above -

  • Connie and the rest of the team serve deserts to audience members
    including Jenny, Josie, Jan, Alyce, John and Gio.

  • Connie in a skit with Lolly, Rhett, Alicia and Grant; signing; Rick plays;
    Connie in a poodle skirt number with Lolly, Alicia, Chelsey and Caitlyn; Lois.

Below -

  • Connie poses with borrowed hat and cane; "I Got Rythm";
    Ballet with Josh and Joivanna.

  • Puppet shows; Connie as MC;
    "Mr. Sandman" with Phil, Rose, Jennifer, Amber and Joivanna;
    Beethoven; Swing dancing - Connie with Eric and Joivanna with Grant.

Bottom -

  • The cast members pose.

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Connie's "Enchanted Evening" Show - Acts - 11/16/01
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Connie's "Enchanted Evening" Show - Poses - 11/16/01
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Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2002, all rights reserved.

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