Elliott Bay Cranes
August 8, 2001.

Elliott Bay Cranes - Afternoon - August 8, 2001

I took these digital photos in Seattle's Elliott Bay Park
in the Afternoon and Evening of Wednesday, August 8, 2001.
Above -
  • The bright red cranes in front of Mt. Rainier are used for
    loading and unloading cargo ships.

  • The two cranes beyond the Rose Garden are used for
    construction of the new drain going through the Park.

  • More cranes for ships are seen along the south shore
    of Elliott Bay in West Seattle.

  • Building construction cranes can be seen from the Park.

  • Another crane used for the new drain holds a boat aloft
    as a Victoria Clipper returns from Canada.

Below -
  • Another drain crane is shown before Mt. Rainier,

  • And another drain crane inside the Park.

  • The crane above the in-line skaters and those in the
    bottom photo are being used in the construction of the
    new headquarters for Immunex Corporation at the end
    of Elliott Bay Park, adjacent to PhotoWorks.

  • The Pier 86 grain elevator cranes load grain into ships.

Elliott Bay Cranes - Evening - August 8, 2001

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Digital Photographs Copyright 2001, Norm Boynton, all rights reserved.