"DataEase for Windows" Main Screens


These screens emphasize features that I developed and are taken from a sample application developed using DataEase for Windows called "Club ParaDease".

Below - My Layout Options feature :

DataEase Layout Options Screen


Below - My DQL (DataEase Query Language) procedure editing and floating toolbar implementation :

DataEase Procedure Editing Screen


Below - My Convert to DQL procedure implementation :

DataEase Convert Procedure Screen


Below - My customizable and relocatable toolbar with "balloon" help feature :

DataEase Customizable Toolbar Screen


Below - My form and rulers zoom and relocatable toolbar features :

DataEase Form and Rulers Zoom Screen


Below - My squareness indicator feature for creating drawing objects :

DataEase Squareness Indicator Screen


Below - My split-window Three-Pane Form Editor :

Three-Pane Editor Screen

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