Gio's Ranch Halloween
October 31, 2007

Gio put on his scarecrow costume at home and then went with Norm
to M-Bar-C Horse Ranch about 3 miles down our road by Mutiny Bay.
Later, John, Kimmer, Lee, and Jan went too.
The ranch is a non-profit horse ranch for kids of Puget Sound to enjoy.
It has horses to ride and a small western town to explore.
John has been volunteering there lately to install a new stove.

Gio's M-Bar-C Horse Ranch Halloween - October 31, 2007
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Above -

  • Our spooks model the costumes Jan made for them
    in our driveway before going to the ranch.
    (Scarecrow, 2 of the 3 Musketeers, Pokahontas and John Smith)

  • The western town was decorated for Halloween.

  • A view of the Ranch pastures and barns and Mutiny Bay in the distance.

  • John finished up his installation of a stove in the ranch house.

  • Stagecoach; Town as seen from the ranch house;
    Gio by the big mural on the side of the town's hotel.

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Below -

  • Gio most enjoyed the talking skull inside the Jail
    at the corner of Mane and Horse Shoe streets.

  • A pirate ghost talked to Gio in the Post Office;
    A skeleton got a haircut in the Barbershop;
    and there was a ghost in the Bank.

  • The Saloon had big spiderwebs inside and a giant spider outside.

  • There was a pumkin patch beside the haunted house.

  • Ranch Manager Bill confered with the witch
    before she invited Gio into her haunted home.

  • Gio met many scary-looking "Spooks" inside the house
    who were really friendly volunteers mostly from NAS Whidbey.

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Spooky sights at the Ranch - October 31, 2007
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Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2007, all rights reserved.

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