Labor Day Barbecue
September 4, 2000

Labor Day Barbecue (Top) - 9/4/00

Above: Top - Shawna gave John the Salmon she caught at Sekiu.
  Middle - Denita, Connie, Chase, Cameron, Paige, Geo at the Hot Tub.
  Bottom - Lolly with Lorie and Andy; Maureen, John, Chase, Paige and Devee.
Below: Top - Jan, Alyce, Devee; Boo (teacher's pet) enjoys his (her) last vacation day.
  Middle - Andy, Lorie, Jeremy, Alyce, Jan; Connie, Lolly, Al, Dave, Shirley, Maureen;
Dave, Shirley, little Beau, Lolly; Gio and Shawna play with his new trains.
  Bottom - A tugboat pulls its barge as the sun sets.

Digital photographs Copyright 2000, Norm Boynton, all rights reserved.


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