Connie's 2002 Mystery Weekend
February 24, 2002

Connie's 2002 Mystery Weekend - 2/24/02

Connie portrayed murder suspect "Angelica Wican" in Langley's 18th annual
Mystery Weekend called "A Taste for Murder", where visiting sleuths from
all around Puget Sound came to guess "who done it" in this year's mystery.
Angelica was assistant to the town's vampire slayer "Muffy DeSleigher".
Other suspects' photos are shown, including the lady with the two "dorcas"
(a cross breed of dogs and orca whales) who was starting an underwater
obedience school for dorcas on Baby Island (which is regularly covered by water).
We lunched with Tina and her family. At the end of the Weekend, all the
detectives went to the auditorium where the suspects were assembled onstage for
the identification of the murderer by "Inspector I. B. Fuzz" and awarding of
prizes to correct guessers. (Angelica was not the murderer.)

Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2004, all rights reserved.


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