Connie's 2003 Mystery Weekend
February 22 and 23, 2003

Connie's 2003 Mystery Weekend in Langley - 2/22/03

Above -

Connie portrayed murder suspect "Sally Mustang" in Langley's 19th annual
Mystery Weekend, where visiting sleuths from all around Puget Sound
came to guess "who done it" in this year's mystery. The victim was developing
a casino ferry concept for Langley, and Sally was protesting the idea as a threat
to Langley's parking situation and street traffic. She created the protest group
SOPAS (Save Our Parking And Streets), and some church choir members
joined her to protest the gambling. Visiting detectives investigated the murder
scene. The lady with the dogs was proposing to solve the potential parking
problem by building a huge parking garage with valet parking by her dog
"Barker Parker".

Below -

At the end of the Weekend, all the detectives went to the auditorium where the
suspects were assembled onstage for the identification of the murderer by
"Inspector I. B. Fuzz" and awarding of prizes to correct guessers.
(Sally was not the murderer, but many visitors guessed she was.)

Connie's 2003 Mystery Weekend Final Act - 2/23/03
Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2004, all rights reserved.


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