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Newtown, Connecticut
Newtown, Connecticut

Norm lived in Bethel near Newtown for seventeen years and was a deacon
in a Newtown church for some of that time.
Sunday at
WEFC he shared the comments of two of his Newtown friends:

Sue Vogelman taught ten years at Sandy Hook Elementary School
and now directs the Sunday school at her church, the tall stone church
in the above photo of Newtown. She also is accompanying pianist
for Sandy Hook Elementary School's 4th grade chorus.
She reported that Friday night, every church in Newtown held prayer
services and that every church was full. Here is the link to her CNN interview:
Link to Sue Vogelman's CNN interview

And here is a link to the video of those Sandy Hook Elementary School 4th
graders in their Thursday night concert singing, with Sue playing piano for them,
in the same auditorium where the President would be speaking three days later,
and where Norm enjoyed a performance of "Anything Goes" several years ago,
their closing song "Light the Candles of the World":
( They will be singing "America the Beautiful" before the 2/3/13 Superbowl ! )

Link to video of Sandy Hook Elementary School 4th grade chorus

Ted Hartlett led Norm's Bible study in his Newtown home for many years and
is now worship leader in his church. Here is his blog article that Norm quoted:

Link to Ted Hartlett's blog article.  The image is his Facebook profile photo featuring his town's logo.
Ted's Facebook profile
photo with his town's logo

Comments by Pastors:

Current Pastor of Norm's Newtown church:

Current Pastor of Norm's Bethel church:

Pastor of that Connecticut area's Black Rock church:

Norm's Whidbey Evangelical Free Church Pastor Jim Schultz:
Introduction to "Seeing Clearly"

Seattle area's outspoken Pastor Mark Driscoll: the-slaughter-of-the-innocents 


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