Connie's "Out of the Box" Musical

November 12 - 14, 1999

"Out of the Box" logo

Connie is acting in the world premiere production of
"Out of the Box", a new full-length musical play written
by Elise Forier with music and lyrics by
Tina Lear and
directed by Whidbey Children's Theatre Director, Martha Murphy.
Leaders in children's theater will be coming from across the
country to
Whidbey Island Center for the Arts to see it.

Connie in "Out of the Box" Dress Rehearsal - TOP COLLAGE

Above: Photos by John Stumpf from Dress Rehearsal, November 9, 1999 :


Connie had two roles, as a "Mother" and a "Beauty".


"Buyers" number; Jodi and Lizabeth as sleepy students;
Tina Lear, who wrote and performed the music, as "Teacher".
(All the actors were middle schoolers except for Tina.)


"Tattletale" singing with her Box and with "Teacher".

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Below: More photos and video captures from Dress Rehearsal :

Top- Jodi; Connie; "Gobble" and "Monster"; "Brains"; Lizabeth singing.
Middle- Musical numbers by the "Students", "Builders" and "Breakers".
Bottom- Connie; Jan, Idy and Norm in audience after performance;
Connie and Lizabeth as themselves;
Connie singing in the finale of the final show, 11/14/99.

Connie in "Out of the Box" Dress Rehearsal - BOTTOM COLLAGE

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