"Our Father's Love" Combined Worship - June 18, 2000
Nine South Whidbey churches, including ours, met for Fathers Day service at the High School Gymnasium.
1600 worshipped together with speaker Luis Palau, singer Roby Duke, Connie's "Glad Tidings" and Jan's
"Operation Praise" drama groups from our church, and combined choir, worship team and brass ensemble.

"Our Father's Love" Combined Worship - 6/18/00

Above -

John, Connie and Norm at the service.

Below -

Scan of the lower half of the front page
of the South Whidbey Record of 6/21/00.
Their choir photo shows Norm in front.

Front Page Newspaper Article - 6/21/00


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Newspaper Article and Photographs. Copyright 2000, The South Whidbey Record, all rights reserved.

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