Schooner at Pier 90
May 29, 2001

Schooner at Pier 90 - May 29, 2001

  • This three-masted topsail schooner Tole Mour has been docked at
    Seattle's Pier 90 across from Norm's Pier 89 PhotoWorks office.
    Although it looks like a traditional old wooden schooner, it actually
    was built in 1988 at Whidbey Island's Nichols Brothers Boat Builders
    in Freeland, WA, near Norm's home, with a steel hull. air conditioning
    and modern electronic navigation equipment.

  • The Tole Mour is currently owned by Guided Discoveries of nonprofit
    Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) who use it for their Tall Ship
    Expeditions program which runs sail training and marine science trips
    to the Channel Islands off southern California for students age 10-17.
    Their website is

  • The Tole Mour was originally owned by the nonprofit Hawaii-based
    Marimed Foundation, who built it to provide health care and education in the
    Marshal Islands. The ship's name is Marshallese for "gift of life and health".
    In 1996, the Tole Mour became part of the Kailana-Kokokahi Program for
    emotionally impaired youth in Hawaii.

  • The ship is 156 feet long and spreads 9,000 square feet of sail.

  • Fellow PhotoWorks programmer Louie Bergsagel snapped the three digital
    camera photos below as it sailed away into Elliott Bay.

Schooner Sailing away from Pier 90 - June, 2001

Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton and Louie Bergsagel, Copyright 2001, all rights reserved.

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