Some of my Favorite YouTube Videos
Since the YouTube webpage sometimes does not work on my PC,
I have embedded my favorites onto my own webpage where I
can see the videos,
at least using more modern browsers than Internet Explorer.


Whidbey Island YouTube Videos

-Local actress, singer, author, songwriter, videographer, movie producer and director Amy Walker's YouTube videos quickly became world famous ("viral").


In these two videos she sings a duet with herself from the movie "Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang".

She shot most video for her song "We Are Connected" on Whidbey Island:
at Freeland Park beach (looks like), two Langley parks, Sound Trap Studios
and at a Seattle park fountain. It promotes "Connected", her new film project.
  Scene from her one-woman show "Amy Walker: Inside Out"
performed at the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts theater (WICA)
in November, 2007.

Matt Schmeising made this video of his song at my home in 2008:

Dan Kalal of Freeland now lives in Puerto Rico where he worked as
an actor in "The Losers". He is the center cop at 2:15 in this trailer:
  Elizabeth Pitcairn plays Hora Staccato on her famous 1720 Red Stradivarius
"Mendelssohn" violin at the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts theater (WICA)
accompanied by Hollywood film composer Artie Kane during a concert
with Whidbey Island's Saratoga Chamber Players. - 11/12/2006

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