Christmas Eve and Day, 2001

Christmas Eve - 12/24/01
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Above -

Christmas Eve - 12/24/01

  • Connie and Lolly helped John make a gnosh cake.

  • Jan finished her Christmas sewing.

  • Gio listened to Cristmas carols played on the
    animated Santa grandfathers clock toy during "moonset".

  • The stockings were all hung by the fireplace;
    John and Jan distributed gifts.

Below -

Christmas Day - 12/25/01

  • Lolly, Connie, Gio and Phil enjoyed their gifts early
    Christmas morning, with a White Christmas provided by the
    snowy glaciers on the dazzling mountain peaks in the window
    behind the Christmas tree lights.

  • Connie got a live gift of a puppy she named "Praline".

  • Lolly helped Gio with his electric bug gift;
    Gio enjoyed Connie's karaoke gift.

  • After Christmas dinner we played Pictionary with Steve.

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Christmas Day - 12/25/01
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Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2002, all rights reserved.

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