Christmas Lights at Area Homes
December, 2000

Christmas Lights at Nearby Homes - December, 2000

Above - The lights between our home and Freeland were more colorful this year (12/24/00) :
  • Star and reflected lights on our nearby Bush Point and Smuggler's Cove roads.
  • Three homes along Rt. 525 in Freeland connect their lights.
  • A Mutiny Bay home features lighted trees and bushes.
  • A Freeland home extends "Season's Greetings".
Below - An Elaborate display at the Clinton home of electrician Jerry Beck (12/03/00) :
  • Live goats in the Nativity scene stable.
  • In the background behind the stack of Christmas presents
    are a lighted snowman and nine rotating toys.
  • An owl watches as cars slowly move around the circular driveway to see
    all Jerry's displays and hear his Christmas carols playing on their car radios.
  • Lost penguins at the wrong pole.

Christmas Lights at Clinton Home - December, 2000

More Christmas Lights at Clinton Home - December, 2000

Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton Copyright 2000, all rights reserved.

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