"Blueberry Jazz" Opening
September 1, 2000

On Friday evening, we joined the Patterson family,
Jim, Caroline, Marci and Marjorie, as they
opened their Retreat Center in Freeland.

Blueberry Jazz Building - 9/1/00

Above: Top - Entrance, lobby and dining room view of Holmes Harbor.
  Middle - Exteriors of the main Blueberry Jazz building.
  Bottom - Fountain; Display case showing John's pastry;
Sunset and Holmes Harbor views from Dining Room;
Jim's Blueberry Jazz mural; .
Below: Top - Entrance walk and dining room.
  Middle - Jim and John, who is the baker, toast the opening with Phil;
John's Pizzas and pastry; Bell;
Photos of the main Blueberry Jazz building,
blackberry bushes on the property
and residence across the street.
  Bottom - "Sculpture Garden" ready for sculptures
and the "Gallery Barn".

Blueberry Jazz Opening

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