Deception Pass Bridge Enlarged Photos
December 7, 2000

Deception Pass Bridge Photos - Upper Top- 12/7/00 - Enlarged

Deception Pass Bridge Photos - Lower Top - 12/7/00

Above :

  • The southern and northern Bridges at Deception Pass
    (I took these photos facing south).

  • Bridges from below
  • View facing east
  • View facing northwest.

  • View facing east; View facing west.


Below :

  • Plaque explaining the 1792 naming of Deception Pass
    and Whidbey Island by Vancouver; View facing east.

  • View facing northeast.

  • View facing northwest.

  • Madrona trees growing out of the rock wall
    (I took the photos facing north).

  • Sunset of 4/27/02 from the Bridge;
    Sunset of 9/12/08 below the Bridge.

Deception Pass Bridge Photos - Bottom - 12/7/00 - Enlarged

( Click here for the smaller photos. )

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