Cereal City, USA
Kellogg's Museum in Battle Creek
November 25, 2000

Cereal City, USA - Kellogg's Museum in Battle Creek - 11/25/00
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  • Larry and Connie about to enter Kellogg's "Cereal City, USA" museum.
    It is a simulation of the area's major tourist attraction when Larry and Norm
    were in school: the visitors' tour through Kellogg's Battle Creek cereal plant.
    The famous tours were halted many years ago by OSHA,
    and Kellogg's built this replica in 1998.

  • Tony the Tiger officially welcomed Connie, who enjoyed the graphic arts rooms
    and rested on a forklift at the end of the factory tour.

  • Whoville props used in the new Grinch movie were on display in the lobby of the
    replica of Battle Creek's main movie theater of the past, the Bijou.

  • In a giant kitchen inside the Bijou, W. K. Kellogg and C. W. Post actors discuss
    the history of the cereal industry.

  • At the exit is a replica of another Battle Creek landmark from our youth:
    Sullivan's Ice Cream shop.

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