Flyover Construction
September 19, 2001

Flyover Construction - September 19, 2001
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I took these digital photos at the land end of Pier 89 on Seattle's Elliott Bay
September 19, 2001. The big
railroad crossing there has caused traffic
backups and other problems in recent years, so an overpass is being built
above the crossing called the "West Galer Street Flyover".

Above -
  • Bikers and joggers pass the Bay end of the new flyover as they follow the
    extensions of Elliott Bay Park's bike and jogging trails down Pier 89.

  • The Flyover has large "S" curves.

  • Two photos show the water of Elliott Bay with Magnolia bridge in the
    background in the left photo and with my PhotoWorks office in the
    background on the right.

  • The walls of the Flyover are made of patterned concrete.

Below -
  • Seattle artist Christopher Martin Hoff captures the curves of the Flyover
    on his canvas.

  • The Bay end of the Flyover looks nearly completed.

  • The bottom photos show all traffic stopped as another train passes through.

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Flyover Construction Art - September 19, 2001
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Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2001, all rights reserved.