Anita and Becky on Whidbey Island
July 23 - 30, 2000

Anita and Becky around Bush Point and Fort Casey
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Above -

Becky and Anita on Bush Point Beach, neighborhood rabbit and garden;
Ft. Casey gun, fortifications, beach driftwood;
Phil and Cameron showing the dark corridors inside the Fort;
Anita's 35mm photo of Norm; Windy on the ferry "Pickleforks";
View of Everett and the Cascade Mountains from the ferry

Below -

Unusual pavillion construction at the Village Park in Langley.
In Oak Harbor's City Beach Park;
Deception Pass and Bridge at the north end of the Island;
With Connie and Phil as a Cruise ship passes at Fort Ebey.

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Anita and Becky  at Langley, Oak Harbor and Deception Pass
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Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2000, all rights reserved.


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