Norm and Boo
September 30, 2000

Norm and Boo - September 30, 2000

Norm will miss our famous Boo, "furry and sweet; got little scratchy feet"*,
when he returns to school. (We've "got to get him back to class"
as Connie's song* says, because "he's the teacher's pet.")

Norm says Boo is the most talkative pet he has met.
When Boo is content and happy that you are playing with him,
he maintains a continuous chatter of squeaks,
chirps, purrings, raspings, tweets, pops and crackles.


Digital Photographs by John Stumpf, Copyright 2000, all rights reserved.
*Boo Song by Connie Stumpf and Tina Lear, Copyright 1999, all rights reserved.


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