Christmas Day and Eve, 2000

Christmas Day and Eve, 2000

  • Around the Christmas Dinner table: John, Phil, Connie, Norm, Bobby and Jan.

  • Christmas morning gifts: Gio's 3-d musicbox book, Connie's puppet "Anna",
    Gio's scooter, Jan's outback hat and John's shirt.

  • Christmas Eve: Jan reads Christmas stories;
    Gift opening with Al and Shirley;
    Shirley in her gold outfit ready for Christmas Day at home with her family.

  • Jar of "Pickled Santas"on the "new" antique hall table;
    Randy, Renee and their baby Elijah;
    Bobby celebrating his $10,000 "winning" lottery prank ticket.

  • Lights and greens along the hall shelf;
    Tree fully decorated with a new star at the top and a train at the base.

Digital Photos by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2000, all rights reserved.


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