Original Grounds and Gardens Collage

Photos I took at various locations in our yard.


Entrance, with 3-car garage on right and greenhouse with vegetable garden on the left;

Red "Taurus" Rhododendron at the gate;

Grounds and Gardens


Trees along Driveway in November, 1997, and March, 1998;

Rhododendron garden and big pumpkin;

(Pumpkin by entrance deck and 2-car garage is from our vegetable garden.)

Taurus rhodie at entrance gate;

Gargoyle rock garden;

Front yard through kitchen bay window.


 Back deck stairs small garden;

Dining room porch/deck with telescope

for better views of ships, whales, sea lions and bald eagles;

Lil by the greeenhouse rock garden.

The wide photos above are from a Panoramic camera, the very narrow ones are from my Polaroid Spectra and medium width ones are Sony Mavica digital photos.

Photographs Copyright 1998, Norm Boynton, all rights reserved.

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