As "Jacob Anthes" in "Whidbey Pioneers"
Freeland Washington - October, 2008

Photos by Matt Schmiesing

Captions: Row 1 Portraying Jacob Anthes, the
founder of Langley, Washington
  Row 2, Left: Producer Jill Johnson
  Row 2, Right: Jacob speaks to the
imaginary train conductor
: Row 3, Left: Jacob comforts his imaginary
train-traveling companion
  Row 2, Right: Jacob demonstrates how he shot a
deer in the Whidbey forest (He missed)

Photos by Matt Schmiesing

Performance presented by South Whidbey Historical Society
and produced by Jill Johnson.

"One-Man-Show" style portrayal of Jacob Anthes
written, directed, and performed by Norm Boynton.

My Memories of "Jacob Anthes"

Jill Johnson, Whidbey Island actress and stortyteller, asked me
to portray Jacob Anthes in a presentation she was producing for the
South Whidbey Historical Society
. She wanted me to research the
history of Anthes who founded the Whidbey Island town of Langley.
She showed me the historic displays about him in the South Whidbey
Historical Museum in Langley, and gave me a copy of a letter his
granddaughter wrote containing her recollections of him and his
stories. I used these histories to create a one-man play about his life.

Jill was well-known for her portrayal of Whidbey Island ferry pioneer
Berte Olson entitled "Little, But Oh My", and I attended her one-woman
show for an example. Years earlier I had attended Hal Holbrook's
famous "Mark Twain Tonight!" one-man play and another one-man
play depicting Benjamin Franklin, so I appreciated this style.
I added a scene to my play of Jacob traveling across the country
on a train with his friend from Germany with Jacob speaking to his
unseen friend and the train conductor which was inspired by Jill's
similar scene.

Jacob's grandaughter attended my performance, and she told me
I dipicted him accurately.

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