Connie's 8th Grade Project
June 7, 2001

Connie's 8th Grade Project TOP - 6/7/01
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Above -

  • "Anna", her puppet, welcomes visitors to her project display
    at Langley Middle School.

  • Her Theater Arts display included a board of theater history,
    a video Connie made of a play rehearsal and her puppet stage.

  • A visitor talks with Anna.

Below -
  • Her display board showed histories of actresses Sarah
    Bernhardt and Clara Bow, photos of her puppet shows,
    a poster for her musical play "Out of the Box" and scripts.

  • Her display included histories on theater and puppetry.

  • Her friends Sarah and Jodi displayed their projects
    on Make-up and Women's Soccer.

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Connie's 8th Grade Project BOTTOM - 6/7/01
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Digital Photos by Norm Boynton, Copyright 2001, all rights reserved.