Connie's Mystery Weekend
February 24 and 25, 2001

Connie's Mystery Weekend in Langley - 2/25/01

Above -

Connie portrayed murder suspect "Catina Kitiland"in Langley's 17th annual
Mystery Weekend, where visiting sleuths from all around Puget Sound
came to guess "who done it" in this year's mystery, "The Cat's Revenge".
The victim, "Mark A. Chad", was expected to be elected Langley City Cat Catcher.
Suspects included his wife ("Dimples Chad"), his opponent and even "Catina"
and the other members of Langley's weird cat worsipping cult.
("Chad's" murder was by "hanging", of course.)
Connie and the other actors circulated around town and revealed clues
as they improvised conversations with each other and answered visitors' questions.
Three suspects: "Catina" carrying her "Cats Rule!" sign,
"Catsandra", the leader of the cult, and "Roary Lyons".

Below -

At the end of the Weekend, all the suspects were assembled onstage
for the identification of the murderer and awarding of prizes to correct guessers.
(Before the curtain was raised, "Catina's" cats peeked out at the audience,
as Connie's characters usually do.)
After each suspect was introduced for final bows and remarks,
"Inspector I. B. Fuzz" announced that "Catsandra" was the murderer!
"Catina" and the other cat worshippers were shocked!
They were devastated as their leader was hauled off to jail in handcuffs.

Connie's Mystery Weekend Final Act - 2/25/01

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Digital Photographs Copyright 2001, Norm Boynton, all rights reserved.