Elliott Bay Collages

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Elliott Bay Park

Link to Elliott Bay Park
June 2, 2000

Elliott Bay Dark

Link to Elliott Bay After Dark

Elliott Bay Roses

Link to Elliott Bay Roses

Space Needle Views

Link to Space Needle Views

Elliott Bay Rocks
July 18, 2001

Link to Elliott Bay Rocks

Elliott Bay Columbine

Link to "Elliott Bay Colunbine"

Elliott Bay Spring

Link to Elliott Bay Spring

Elliott Bay Rocks, Again
August 15, 2001
Link to Elliott Bay Rocks, Again
Elliott Bay Cranes
August 8, 2001
Link to Elliott Bay Cranes - 8/8/01

All Star Game, 2001

Link to All Star Game, 2001

Elliott Bay Seafair
August 1, 2001

Link to Elliott Bay Seafair

Schooner at Pier 90
May 29, 2001
Link to Schooner at Pier 90

Railroad Crossing

Link to Railroad Crossing at Pier 89

Flyover Construction
September 19, 2001
Link to Flyover Construction Project - 9/19/01

Pier 89 Sights

Link to Pier 89 Sights

Norm's PhotoWorks
Office on Pier 89
Link to Norm's PhotoWorks Office On Pier 89

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