State University of New York
College at Oswego
(1970 - 1974)

Teaching Computer Science at SUCO
Teaching Computer Science as Assistant Professor at SUCO


My Experience Programming at SUCO

          I was assigned teaching a few basic FORTRAN
programming classes and a couple more advanced classes.
The basic class included teaching about "machine
language", the cumbersome numeric instruction codes
that tell the computers what to do. It is normally too
difficult for students to experiment with machine language
programming, but I was convinced they could not learn
the concept without trying their own exercise solutions. So
I invented "MALIC", Machine Language for an
Imaginary Computer, and had my students solve
programming exercises using it.  I wrote a FORTRAN
program to emulate my imaginary computer. It would
read the students' MALIC programs and run them as the
imaginary computer would. This was a very effective
teaching tool, and the other instructors asked to use it in
their class sections too. Later, faculty at other colleges
used it also. 
         I added an official class on Systems Programming
and led my students in rewriting the operating system for
the computer lab's IBM 1130 Computer. We changed it
from a general purpose computer to a student training
computer. Much of the manual work done by the hired
operators was now done by the 1130 itself!  My students
accepted assignments to add student-oriented features to
the 1130's operating system. I shared our programming
improvements with other colleges using 1130 computers.

My photo of my Systems Programming students:
Systems Programming students
During the summers, I explored the computing
capabilities available to the students by solving software
challenges of interest to me. I used FORTRAN to create
a software system to produce sheet music on the plotter.

Example plot from my FORTRAN program that reads a
song in my own language for specifying music notation,
optionally transposes it to other keys, and prints it on a

Example song plot from my FORTRAN program
IBM Plotter drawing my sheet music
After teaching my last classes at SUCO, I spent some time
finishing up my personal programming project: a
FORTRAN program to draw 3-D sketches on the 1130's
plotter.  My program created 3-D pairs of drawings that
could be viewed in 3-D by placing them in a stereoscope
antique viewer.

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