Giovanni "Gio" Stumpf

Gio wearing his new eyeglasses - May 27, 2000.
Gio wearing his new eyeglasses - May 27, 2000.

On Thursday, February 8, 2007,
Gio's picture was displayed
on the MSNBC Web page
with an article about the
new CDC report on autism
and a
slide show with sound
about Gio's Music Therapy.

( MSNBC frequently breaks the link to
this "Spectrum of Solutions" article.
If you find their link is broken again,
click here to view my BIG 43MB
high resolution video of it...
click here for my small video of it... )

Link to the MSNBC Slide Show with sound
about Gio's Music Therapy...

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Gio's Ranch Halloween - 10/31/07
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Gio's 9th Birthday

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Gio at the Beach

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Gio's Trains

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Sunny Sunday

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Gio's Kindergarten

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Gio's 8th Birthday

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Gio's Visit
from Santa
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Gio's Visit to the
Christmas Trains
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Gio's School's
Fall Carnival
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Gio's 7th Birthday

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Gio in Playground

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Gio at Taco Bell

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Gio's 6th Birthday

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Gio's New Toy

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Gio Playing in Yard

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Gio's Graduation

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Gio's New Swing

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