"Cheaper By The Dozen"
January 24 to February 8, 2003
at Whidbey Playhouse in Oak Harbor

Norm and Connie in "Cheaper By the Dozen"

Norm portrayed famous efficiency expert Frank Gilbreth
and Connie played Anne, the oldest of his ten children

Here is a video clip of the TV Commercial for the play.

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My Memories of "Cheaper by the Dozen"

After the success of our production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" in Langley,
Connie and I learned that the Whidbey Playhouse in Oak Harbor was holding
auditions for "Cheaper by the Dozen". We had enjoyed acting together,
so we decided to audition there. Connie was selected to play "Anne", the
oldest daughter, and I was given the part of her "Dad".

The director assured me that "Dad" was a small role with the leads going to
the two children who were the narrators. As I began studying my lines,
I decided to write a computer program that would show me each prompting
line and then show my line when I pressed a key. I soon realized that my part,
although not the official "lead", was by far the largest part and made me the
actual leading actor. As I used my program to memorize my lines and the
prompting lines, I was memorizing most of the play, since "Dad" was the
main character in almost every scene.

I enjoyed reciting my lines, because they were usually funny and resulted in
laughter from the audience. So I was disappointed when one of the other
teen actresses frequently forgot her prompting straight line and prevented
my comical response. So I began to see ways to remind her of her line in
later scenes in order to reclaim that lost laugh.

In the funniest scene, a family meeting where I presided, the children
ganged up against me to get me to permit adding a dog to our household.
Every child actor had lines for me to respond to, and it became my favorite
scene. Connie and I would practice running lines together at home, and we
decided to perform that scene for our family to see, since we had both
memorized all the lines in it. I acted as "Dad", and Connie portrayed all
eleven of the other roles, assuming the various heights and voices of the
actors to help suggest which character was speaking, squatting especially
low when speaking for our youngest, smallest actress.



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