"Cheaper By The Dozen"
Cast Portrait and Party
February 8, 2003

"Cheaper By The Dozen" Cast Portrait  - 2/8/03

This cast portrait was taken after the final performance, February 8, 2003, by Kyla Applegate.

Most of the performances were "sold out", and the audiences showed their enjoyment by
frequent long laughter and by tears at the sad ending. Following the final performance,
the cast gave Director Judy Hendrix her first "director's chair" and the Cast Party began
in the Playhouse lobby. The party photos below show Judy presenting Excellence Awards
and gifts to Stage Manager Ray Porter and the cast. She gave a gnome with a white
beard to Norm in honor of his agreeing to shave off his beard for his role in the play.

"Cheaper By The Dozen" Cast Party - 2/8/03

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Digital Photographs by Norm Boynton and Kyla Applegate, Copyright 2003, all rights reserved.