National CSS
- Dun & Bradstreet Computing Services
Wilton, Connecticut
( 1979 - 1985 )

National CSS logo
Creating mathematical software at National CSS

Products Created:

  • "FINAL" - Financial Analysis

  • "NOMAD" - Database Manager

  • "DataSpace" - Cross Tabs

Moshe Schweiger - My supervisor at NCSS
Moshe - My supervisor at National CSS

My Experience at National CSS

          Because I had Masters degrees in both Mathematics
and Computer Science, I was hired by Moshe Schweiger
as a Systems Programmer at National CSS, which was
later renamed to Dun & Bradstreet Computing Services.
The company provided "time-shared" computing power
to clients all around the world who would log on to their
huge network using mostly teletype terminals.
          I developed complex mathematical features,
including linear and non-linear simultaneous equation
solutions, of the FINAL and NOMAD fourth generation
language and database software products using assembler
I also developed Moshe's "DataSpace" idea for
a PC aplication by using the Pascal programming
language to easily provide quick cross-tabulation results
from large data files.

FINAL Reference Manual excerpts show the mathematical features I programmed:

FINAL Reference Manual Logo and some statistical features.

Basic Functions I programmed in FINAL.

Mathematical Functions I programmed in FINAL.

Financial Functions I programmed in FINAL.

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