MAYMOD Corporation
Norwalk, Connecticut
1984 - 1991)

DataSpace Logo
Logo of the "Data Space" product "dSpace" by MAYMOD

Products Created:

  • dSpace

  • CrossView

Example of a dSpace request screen:
Example of a dSpace request screen:

Example of a dSpace results screen:
Example of a dSpace results screen

Presentation of "DataSpace Vectorial Technolgy" Concepts:
"DataSpace Vectorial Technolgy" Concepts

"DataSpace Vectorial Technolgy" Concepts

Moshe Schweiger - Founder of MAYMOD
Moshe Schweiger - MAYMOD Founder

My Experience at MAYMOD

        When Moshe presented my working prototype of
our "DataSpace Vectorial Technology" to the Dun
& Bradstreet Computing Services company, they
decided not to market the IBM PC application, but
they agreed to let Moshe and me start our own
company to complete and market it.  Moshe hired
another National CSS programmer to develop the
Transformation tool that converted standard data
files into the DataSpace vectorial data representaion
format. Moshe even successfully negotiated a
multi-year contract in which the company agreed to
finance the new "Maymod" company for many years
and to later purchase Maymod. He assured me that
the contract would eventually make us both
millionaires! But after a few months, their Corporate
Attorney who had signed the contract died from a
heart attack, and the company decided to ignore
our contract.
        Moshe presented the working version of
"dSpace" to many large companies, and several
adopted it.  But that success was too slow for reliable
profitability.  When Moshe pesented it to the
marketing manager at the nearby DataEase software
company, it was seen to be a valuable companion for
their DataEase DOS based database management
product. They contracted with us to change the name
and appearance of the product to match their
DataEase product.  I revised my Pascal programming
to meet their requests and the new version was
marketed as "CrossView".  After a few months, the
sales of "CrossView" were too slow, and DataEase
decided to stop marketing it, breaking the contract
and paying us a large settlement.  But our own
marketing of dSpace was also too slow, and Maymod
gradually closed its doors.
           Later, the head of software testing at DataEase
told me that his team had tried very hard to find errors
in my "CrossView" program, but were amazed that
they could not find any!


        Recently, Moshe has been sharing with me his
dream of having his own website that would let him
share his love of mathematics and logic. He was also
asking me how a website could be created. After
years of discussing his dream website and what
articles he would want to write for it, I volunteered
to make his dream website a reality. It is called
"Moshe's Math and Logic Fun" and is now
functioning at the internet address It
contains "Gems" of mathematical facts and logical
puzzles. This photo provides a link to the website:
Link to Moshw's website

        You might find this puzzle article especially
Link th Moshe's puzzle

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