DataEase International, Incorporated
Trumbull, Connecticut
(1991 - 1996)

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Developing Windows Software as Senior Systems Programmer at DataEase

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My Experience Programming at DataEase

         When I left Maymod, I saw that DataEase was
advertising a programming opening, I realized that
they had been impressed by my work on
"CrossView", so I applied for it. They were trying
to convert their successful DOS database
management and application builder product
"DataEase" to a new Windows application, but
their programming team had failed at that
challanging massive task, and a new team of "C"
programmers were needed. To prepare for my
interview, I decided to quickly learn the required
"C" programming language and create an example
program to match the look and feel of the new
Windows operating system applications that were
becoming popular at that time. So I decided to
make a few common playing card solitaire games
that would look like Windows applications: "Spider",
"Spideret", "Fortress", "Scorpion", and "Pyramid".
I domonstrated my game programs at the job
interview, and was hired. They liked playing my
games, so I gave them copies to enjoy, including
Windows installation packages I prepared for them.
        I wanted to work on the user interface portions
of products, and enjoyed doing that with three
Windows products:
"DataEase Express",
"Idea PreView", and "DataEase for Windows",
but I also did some programming work on the
"Prism" internal database engine that was hidden
from the user.
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  experiences programming them. )
 [ Here is a link to the current DataEase website,
now headquartered in England. ]

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