"DataEase For Windows"
Complete Database Management System
and Application Builder for Windows

Logo for "DataEase for Windows"
Developing Windows Software as Senior Systems Programmer at DataEase


Screen Captures from "DataEase For Windows":

Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

My Migration Feature for importing older applications:
Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

Below - Notification of exact nature and safety of the
requested migration :

Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

Migration progress indicator :
Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

Migration from old DataEase for DOS application
and custom zoom feature :

Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

These screens emphasize features that I developed and
are taken from a sample application developed using
DataEase for Windows called "Club ParaDease":

My Layout Options feature :
Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

My DQL (DataEase Query Language) procedure editing
and floating toolbar implementation :

Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

My Convert to DQL procedure implementation:
Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

My customizable and relocatable toolbar with "balloon"
help feature :

Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

My form and rulers zoom and relocatable toolbar features:
Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

My squareness indicator feature for creating drawing
objects :

Screen Capture from "DataEase For Windows"

My split-window Three-Pane Form Editor (never released):
Screen Capture from my version of "DataEase For Windows"

My "Fancy Objects" available only as an optional feature:

(My Fancy Line, Text, Field, and Picture Button objects
let the application developer add raised and lowered
borders, arrow points, engraved, embossed, raised,
lowered and shaded text, slanted text and buttons
containing both text and an image.)
Screen Capture from my version of "DataEase For Windows"


My Experience Building DataEase For Windows

         A month after our successful release of "DataEase
Express for Windows", Microsoft released their similar
product, "Access". It included a programming language
feature that our product lacked. So we embarked quickly
on programming the complete product, "DataEase for
Windows", that would include support for the DataEase
programming language, "DQL" for "DataEase Query
         As we met with the leaders of our programming
team, they set our goals of adding new features including
"Zoom" and "DQL", using the "C++" object-oriented
programming language instead of "C", and converting
our previous "Obects" to C++ objects, but with the
warning not to give in to the temptation to convert all
of the other possible objects to C++ objects too, since
that would take many years to develop. But they left the
company to start a new enterprise, and the other
remaining programmers, over my objections, decided
to ignore the warning and convert every conceivable
object to be a C++ object
         Before the other programmers began their
grandiose scheme, I decided to program the proposed
"Zoom" feature over the weekend. On the following
Monday I announced to the team that I had completed
that new feature. But one of the other developers
objected that he had attempted to create such a zoom
feature for his previous company and had concluded
that it was an impossible job. I challanged the team to
use my zoom feature and try to find any flaw in it. It
worked perfectly for everyone! One of the original
team leaders told me he had watched a demonstration
of my zoom feature in an early version of "DataEase
for Windows"at a users conference in Europe, and the
attenders were amazed by its perfect performance.
         When the other team members began
programming their scheme over my objections, they
completely broke the early version, and it was never
able to run again. Because of my objecting, I was taken
off the team and given a new assignment of assisting in
the development of the internal "Prism" database
engine portion of the product. But my preference was
always to develop the user interface look and feel of
the product, so I was dissapointed by the change. A big
problem in my new assignment was that the new
product was now completely broken, and there was no
way for me to test the development of Prism.
Fortunately, I had saved an earlier version of the
product and was able to use my "Test Vesion" to test
Prism. I added the proposed new features to my test
version to make its features as complete as the proposed
"DataEase for Windows".
         Whenever I met the company president in the
hallways, he would ask me how all was going, and I
would report that the product was still completely
broken. I did some quick calculations and later
reported to him that just one of the team's proposed
changes would require rewriting five thousand lines
of programming, a monumental task! The team
members responded to that by admitting I was right,
but that they would solve that huge problem by a
"magic trick": they would teach the testing team
members how to change those lines without
impacting the programmers' progress. Although
much time was spent on that "magic trick", no
progress was made by those testers!
         Finally, after many months of delay, the team
had to admit that their program was still broken and
that they had no good estimate of when it might be
able to run again, let alone be ready to market. They
had no idea how to finish the product. But I reminded
everyone that my own "Test Version" was working
just fine, and it could be used as a new basis for the
product. When it was obvious that my approach was
the only solution that would produce a finished
product in time to market it, the team leader was
replaced, and I was restored to developing the user
interface portion. My solution worked and "DataEase
for Windows" was released to the market.
         Probably because of my suggestion, I was called
into the President's office. He asked me if there was
anything I would really like to do, and I replied that
I had always wanted to take a trip to Florida's
"Disney World and Epcot Center". He then told me
the Company would give me time off and funding for
that trip!

At Disney World's Castle and Epcot Center

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