"DataEase Express"
The First Database Management System
and Application Builder
released for Windows

Logo for "DataEase Express"

Screen Captures from "DataEase Express" :

Screen Capture from "DataEase Express"

(These screens are examples from our "Club ParaDease"
example application.)

Below - The Actions and Display Attributes editing feature :
Screen Captures from "DataEase Express"

Below - My automatic Field and Text object layout feature :
Screen Captures from "DataEase Express"


My Experience Building "DataEase Express"

         When our new developement team met, our leaders
presented the goal of using the concepts of Object
Oriented Programming ("OOP") to implement the
objects the users would have available, including Fields,
Buttons, and Texts. We created these objects using
normal "C" programming language, but allowed our
objects to inherit attributes from other objects. I
adjusted to this style quickly and created several objects
in this way.
         The founder of DataEase, Arun Gupta, saw that I
was having success, so he asked me to accept a special
challange for him: He wanted me to implement a
"migration" feature that would let the user import older
"DataEase for DOS" application data files and create a
new "DataEase Express" compatible application from
it. He was pleased when I quickly completed the feature
for him in time for him to demonstrate it successfully to
a conference of "DataEase" users in Europe.

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