"Idea PreView"
Customized Application Builder
Version of "DataEase Express"

Logo for "Idea PreView" software product
Developing Windows Software as Senior Systems Programmer at DataEase

Screen Captures from "Idea PreView" :

These screen snapshots are from the Idea PreView
database product I developed alone for DataEase
International, Incorporated, and I.D.E. Corporation
for joint marketing.

Screen Capture from "Idea PreView"

My "tabbed" dialog for Query by Model :
Screen Capture from "Idea PreView"

My automatic layout feature for arranging Field and
Label objects :

Screen Capture from "Idea PreView"

The "Go To Related Form" feature :
Screen Capture from "Idea PreView"


My Experience Building "Idea PreView"

         The marketing manager for "DataEase Express" asked
me to create a special custom version of "Express" for a
partner to be called "Idea PreView". It was to have a very
different look with some new features and enhanced versions
of existing features. I was to do this work without assistance
from other programmers. I was able to develop that new
product while I was supporting the development of the Prism
database engine, and it was successfully marketed.

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