Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan
(1964 - 1966)

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Assisted Teaching Computer Science as Computer Lab Supervisor at WMU

Course Taught:

  • Computer Programming

My Experience Teaching at W.M.U.

        In my senior year of completing my Mathematics major degree
requirements, I took a Computer Programming Math class at
Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. The class was taught
by Professor Jack Meagher, who was also the director of the
Mathematics Department's Computer Laboratory. We learned
about machine language, assembler language, and Fortran,
completing programming exercises in the Computer Laboratory.
I found the class very fun and interesting.
        Although the Math Department's IBM computer system was
relatively small, it consisted of several large machines and required
a large room with raised flooring for air conditioning to keep the
machines cool. A computer expert from the Association for
Computing Machinery (ACM) came to Western to give a guest
lecture. I was amazed to hear him predict that in a few years most
homes would have one or more small computers, and that all
computers would be connected to each other by a network.
        When Jack saw my success with programming in his class and
laboratory, he offered me a Graduate Assistant position to work in
his Computer Laboratory and help students with their programming
assignments. I accepted and combined that work while earning my
Masters degree in Mathematics. I occassionally taught the class
lecture for Jack. After I finished my graduate classes, Jack hired
me as Machine Room Supervisor to continue my duties there.

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